Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Reasoned Hubris

"Is it too soon for me to die?
Must I wait for my time?
No sir, my mind is not awry
nor have I done a crime.
Although, at that, shall I arrange
to lose claim of my sense?
If I should sin, are you less strange?
What justifies you?"

"You've seized your life without a fee.
You hold no deed; you're squatting.
It's owned by you as much as me,
so I've no need for plotting.
I have no plan, no karmic law,
no art within my action.
So sin, go mad, or hold no flaw;
I'm still coming."

"I found my life by happenstance,
a penny on the paving.
No theft, and yet, by happy chance,
it's mine for careful saving.
And since I hold it, you cannot
without a mugger's ethic.
You must have some small moral thought --
what justifies you?"

"This right which you presume to hold
finds governance in Nature.
She'll never do as man has told,
she'll make no deal or wager.
Your mind of ethics, law, and art
does not persuade her agents.
We simply act, no code or heart.
I'm still coming."

"You draw too near, you draw too near!
Stand back and let me speak!
With all you take, lend just an ear
before I grow too weak.
I've much to say before I

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