Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Lover Covets Love

Love, debasing,
luring, chasing,
never thought to be a flaw, but
now erasing,
warring, pacing,
beats the heart and wears it raw.

Have a flower,
hunger, power.
He loves you, and you love that he'd
wait an hour,
gloomy, dour,
just to know you love him back.

Feeling happy,
warm and sappy,
nothing sweeter, sweetest fall from
feeling crappy,
twitchy, tappy,
angry that he didn't call.

Now you're weaker,
smaller, meeker.
You don't want to be alone so
you're a shrieker,
crier, weeper,
can't go back, and can't atone.

Trapped by needing,
begging, bleeding,
best to force it, make it fit in
what you're seeding,
growing, breeding.
Work the land and never quit.

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