Friday, October 29, 2010


Society's values regarding love are self-contradictory. We view love based on physical appeal as shallow and imperfect, but our views of sexual orientation imply that love is predicated on some degree of lust.
  • There are men with feminine personalities, and women with masculine personalities, so the body is the only constant difference between the two genders; that is to say, gender is a physical fact, but not a mental or emotional one.
  • It is acceptable, at the very least, for someone to be heterosexual.
But if a man rejects a perfectly nice woman based on her physical appearance, he is declared a pig. This is not very different from a man rejecting a perfectly nice man based on his gender. They are different extents of the same irresistible influence of lust, and therefore if we do not condemn the latter, we should at least be understanding of the former.

"... reason is still there accusing the baseness and injustice of the passions and disturbing the peace of those who give way to them, and the passions are still alive in those who want to reject them." —Blaise Pascal
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